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Paul Graham may be the most public face of Silicon Valley startup incubator Y Combinator, but as the firm has grown so has its managing team. One of the first people to join YC as a partner besides its founders was Harjeet Taggar, an Oxford-educated entrepreneur who first came on the startup scene as the co-founder of Auctomatic, a company in YC’s 2007 class that went on to be acquired by Live Current Media in 2008.

Though he’s relatively young, once you hear Taggar speak for a few minutes you get why YC snapped him up as a partner — he’s got a great balance between being very smart and savvy while also having the humility to be curious and willing to learn above all else.

So, TechCrunch TV was happy to snag him for a talk backstage just after his fireside chat at the Disrupt NYC conference ...


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