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According to a 56-page document that an anonymous uploader posted to — and has since been removed at the request of law firm Covington & Burling — Microsoft is planning a $299 Xbox 720 with Kinect 2 for a holiday 2013 release. Microsoft supposedly drafted the outline, which contains a road map for the company’s Xbox division through 2015, in mid-2010. This document’s authenticity has not been verified, but Convington & Burling LLP is Microsoft’s legal counsel.

The Xbox 720

An included spec sheet for the Xbox 720 details the unit’s innards. The system will operate on six to eight ARM/Intel x86 cores running at 2Ghz with 4GB of memory. Software will ship on dual-layered Blu-rays for 50GB of optical storage. Microsoft’s new box will also feature 3 PowerPC cores for full backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. These obtuse specifications amount to a box that ...


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