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Above: Mark Kelnar, one of the lead engineers for WP Engine's Development Labs, working in the company's Austin office.

Image Credit: WP Engine

Most website owners hope to win the traffic lottery — whether that’s reaching the top of Reddit or getting a celebrity Twitter mention – but few can actually handle millions of page views without their site grinding to a halt.

WP Engine‘s new ‘Development Labs’ unit has developed a service that ensures your WordPress site will stay up during a tidal wave of traffic, as long as you’re willing to pay to handle the load, the company revealed exclusively to VentureBeat.

The new service, called S3 Mirror, will enable WP Engine customers to mirror their sites on Amazon Web Service’s Simple Storage Service (S3), a cloud-based storage repository hosted by Amazon.

Above: WP Engine’s Tomas Puig.

Image Credit: WP Engine

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