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If you’re like many managers, you yearn for a simple “dashboard” that can tell you everything you need to know about your business at a glance.

Well, you can stop yearning and start earning. Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has a surprising solution, and it’s called the Windows 8 Start Screen.

“I’ve got news feeds, stock feeds, twitter feeds, all going past on the screen, and if something catches my interest, boom, I dive in immediately, because it’s alive with the activity that’s important to me,” Ballmer said yesterday, at a Silicon Valley event where he appeared onstage with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman.

Ballmer was bullish on Windows 8′s prospects, especially among business users, and downplayed the much-criticized disappearance of the Start button in favor of Windows 8′s new, touch-centric Start Screen. Of course, you’d expect that from Microsoft’s evangelist-in-chief: He ...


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