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from 1861 days ago

It looks good.  On paper.

Heck, it even sounds good in the boardroom.

But it’s flawed.  Your strategy, that is.

And you know it.

We all know it.

And we’re hoping that no one has the guts to point it out.

To make the case that we need to change our thinking.

And here’s that pitch.

Enough with transactions.

Get transformed.

Your plan.  Your ideas.  Your motivation.

Stop just doing would works today to get you out of trouble and start focusing on the big picture.

That thing you call destiny. Success.


No matter how you button it up, the idea comes down to the same core foundation.

You will never do more than you become.

Doing more isn’t the key.  Doing more faster isn’t right either.

You have to become a better person.  You have to become a better organization.

A better leader ...


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