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Silicon Forest, Silicon Prairie, Silicon Beach, Silicon Hills, Silicon Sandbar. Nice ideas, all of them. But let’s get real. Startups anywhere outside the two major tech hubs of Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley have even more troublr attracting serious venture capital than they do finding a food truck with a decent bulgogi burrito.

Location Still Matters

It’s a central paradox of our time. The Internet and all its associated machines and gadgets enable anyone to be connected to anyone else -anytime, anywhere. But startups located anywhere other than a high-tech center may as well be pitching for investment in the Silicon Taiga. (Yes, there is one, don’t ask where.) Because relationship networks and personal contacts still matter.

Judy Sindecuse, CEO and managing partner at Capital Innovators, a startup accelerator in St. Louis, is trying to crack the code. Her organization runs a 12-week mentorship program for promising ...


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