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Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan

If you have no desire to find a lot of new business from new accounts, you don't need telemarketing (and you can stop reading this article).  

If you would like to establish new accounts and generate a significant increase in revenue, there are several things you can do:  

  1. You can hire hunters - salespeople who will find and close those new accounts.  While we are on the subject of hiring hunters, you can view the Webinar, The Magic Behind the OMG Sales Candidate Assessment to understand why companies use our assessments to hire all of their sales staff.
  2. You can hire telemarketers - inside salespeople who will make calls and schedule appointments for your account managers.
  3. You can hire a telemarketing firm - an outside agency that will basically perform the same services described in option #2, but for more money.  The difference is that ...


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