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Startup Weekend, the 54-hour race to build a working product and pitch to judges on Sunday night, came to Vancouver this weekend. The event jumpstarted 17 startup ideas, from planning routes to selling tickets to epic Pokemon-style networking battles. And contrary to popular belief, few people pulled all-nighters – although “maybe that’s just the Vancouver mentality,” as someone said.

Marc  Kuo, RouteCaptain (1st Place Winner)

What was your favorite part? I could never, ever imagine before this weekend that you can get so much done in 54 hours. Like, 54 hours before this weekend, I was just doing my day job, playing around with the idea in my head … It allowed me to conceptualize this idea that’s been playing in my head for years, ever since I graduated, and actually form a really solid team around it.

What was the hardest part? There was nothing hard about it. I ...


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