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A colleague recently said he was waiting for a deal to close. How did he know it would close? I asked. “Because someone contacted me, and we’ve had several discussions. In our last chat we discussed price.”

SDM: What percentage of the buying decision team does your prospect represent?
A: There are only 4 people on the team, so 25 per cent.

SDM: Any influencers?
A: I have no idea.
SDM: Where is he along his buy path? Stage 3 where one person does preliminary research? Stage 8 where decision team members choose between an external resource or an internal workaround? Or Stage 11 when they are choosing best solutions?
A: No idea.
SDM: What did your conversations consist of?
A: Explanations about our services and how they could alleviate the problem. I gave him some pitches after understanding their needs.
SDM: Are they still considering a workaround and ...


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