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Shortcuts offer us promises, which they seldom if ever deliver. However, because so many people want super-fast results, the Internet is packed with people offering them.

In just a few minutes on Google, I found books, programs, webinars and people, claiming to offer:

  • The shortcut to business success.
  • The shortcut to massive web traffic.
  • The shortcut to ‘a six figure income’.
  • The shortcut to making a fortune on the stock exchange.
  • The shortcut to social media stardom.

Avoid unnecessary detours

There’s a world of difference between avoiding unnecessary detours, and seeking out so-called shortcuts. An unnecessary detour is just that; unnecessary. You know what? Every person I’ve heard from who has spent time and money on so-called shortcuts to success, has found them to be an unnecessary (and often costly) detour.

When we research the life stories of successful people, we learn that all worthwhile success is preceded ...


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