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Geo-blocking is the method used by various websites to prevent people outside of a particular territory gaining access to their services. Most of the sites employing the method are those providing content that is subject to regional licensing. Online television and movie streaming in particular.

There are ways to beat geo-blocking, some more permanent that others. James has recently written about premium VPN services, one of which is available for free via MakeUseOf Rewards, and Tunlr, which sees you changing the DNS IPs on devices in order to gain access to previously blocked services.

This Week’s Question…

What Do You Think About Geo-Blocking & How Do You Circumvent It?

This week’s ‘We Ask You‘ is all about geo-blocking. You’ll probably have experienced geo-blocking at least once in your travels around the InterWebs. Anyone outside of the U.S. who has tried to watch a show on Hulu, or ...


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