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There is no reason to try to make an appointment with a cold call. Think about it.

  1. Who will take the appointment? Only those already seeking a solution, so the moment you enter you’re already in a competition.
  2. You have no idea if the person you’re speaking with offers a fair/accurate representation of the buyer’s ‘needs’.
  3. You have no idea (nor do they, probably) if all the decision makers and influencers have assembled and offered their thoughts on needs – so you have no way of knowing if there is a real match between your solution and their need.
  4. You do now know what percentage of the Buying Decision Team this person represents – if any.
  5. You have absolutely no idea – none- what the person taking the meeting will do with your data/presentation. Who will they tell? What will they say? How will they represent you? To ...


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