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More viewers watched online video than TV in 2012, according to SundaySky. Nearly 200 million viewers watched 456.6 million content videos for an average of 6.3 minutes, while sitting through 105.4 billion ads. Video attracted 56 percent of consumer web traffic, along with 20 percent of mobile phone users and 50 percent of tablet users. Video’s growth stands poised to continue, as analytics tools create more customized viewer experiences, notes Social Times. For businesses seeking to engage audiences with targeted content, video offers an alternative to TV advertising.

What Kinds of Videos Are Popular?

Last year’s hottest YouTube videos exemplify what attracts audiences. Number one was Korean singer Psy’s hit video, “Gangnam Style.” Along with music videos, the most-watched clips included a satirical Epic Rap Battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney; a parent exposing his daughter’s rebellious Facebook posts; and footage of ...


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