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Too Little, Too Inconsistently, for Too Long is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino

Too Little Activity: If your results this year are not what you wanted them to be, it is likely that you did too little activity to generate those results. The results that you wanted would have required that you take massive action (and still do). Dabbling here and there isn’t how you generate transformational, breakthrough, and breakout results. Too little activity is how you fail.

Taken Too Inconsistently: You sometimes took the action you needed to take, for sure. On some days you did what would was required of you in order to reach your goals. That was some days, not every day. Taking action inconsistently doesn’t produce inconsistent results; it produces no results. That is the real difference between sometimes and always.

For Too Long: This year is over. But ...


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