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Recently, I traveled to Australia. I’ve always wanted to go Down Under; so that’s what I did.



From the comfort of my office.


Scanning For Interesting Franchise News


That’s what I do at least once a week.

I scan the internet, using tools that are a bit under the radar, to locate franchise news and announcements-so you’ll know what’s going on in the world of franchising.

And this week, I was able to grab some interesting information about the top franchise concepts in another part of the world.


Very Familiar Franchise Brands


I know you’ve heard of these popular franchise concepts:

  • Pandora
  • Mister Minit
  • Bucking Bull

Oh. You haven’t?

Me either.

One franchise offers key-cutting services, one is a retail jewelry store, and one is a full-service restaurant.

Can you guess which is which?

Here you go:

The restaurant

The key-cutting ...


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