Jim Belosic admits he bores easily. Could be why he never finished college, he says, and why he’s not destined to work all his life tied down in the coat-and-tie corporate world.

It’s also why he’s reveling at Pancake Laboratories Inc., a growing Reno business that converges his yearn for creativity, taking chances and exploring what’s possible in the online universe.

The two-year-old enterprise has caught fire with its business app, dubbed “ShortStack,” that does the tedious coding and other chores a business needs to maintain a page on

Belosic, the unofficial “overlord” and official CEO of Pancake Labs where “nothing is a bad idea,” is reluctant to divulge details of his success. But he alludes to revenue growth in six figures that could hit seven figures if its 750 percent growth rate in 2011 continues.

It’s all generated out a ...


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