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Chloe+Isabel is an online social jewelry retailer and they recently raised $15 million in venture funding.

Their platform allows women to build online stores featuring their favorite Chloe + Isabel jewelry, then market them via on and offline social networks. Think Tupperware parties going digital.

They are one of many companies creating social commerce platforms targeted at women. Other examples include Stella & Dot (jewelry and accessories), Ruby Ribbon (clothing).

The business model of these firms is straight forward. It used to be called multi-level marketing, but that got a bit of bad name so the industry switched to social commerce.  

The basics of the model are a company like Chloe+Isabel recruits independent workers to sell their products. The company provides the products and marketing support.

The independent sales rep sells the products and recruits new people to sell. The rep gets a commission on their own sales plus a ...


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