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Ask anyone who’s done it. Buying a franchise and ” Thinking about buying a franchise” are vastly different.

They’re as different as:

Pink Floyd And Barry Manilow

Sunny and Cloudy

A smart car and an Expedition 

A superpower and a wanna-be superpower

A franchise consultant and a franchise advisor


Buying A Franchise And “Thinking About Buying A Franchise”

It’s one thing to “look” at a few different franchise opportunities. There’s really no harm in doing that, right? No risk? Only potential lost time.

And Potentially A Conversation Like This

“You could have been looking for a new job. But, nooooo. You chose to spend an entire month looking at a few dumb franchises that you’ll never buy anyway.”

“How do you know I’ll never buy a franchise? huh?”

You won’t. You can’t anyway. We’re not in a financial position to do ...


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