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We are delighted to publish this exclusive interview with Dale Murray, Angel Investor of the Year 2011 and a panelist at our London Pitch event last week.

Most of us will spend our lives waiting for ‘the day’. We will work relentlessly towards ‘the day’, we are likely to spend our days dreaming about ‘the day’ and spending much of our time hoping and praying that ‘the day’ actually comes. Depending on who we are, our ambitions and our motivations, our ‘day’ could be the day we meet the love of our lives, the day we meet our  hero, the day we win the lottery, secure investment, sell our business or perhaps just the day we meet a truly exceptional entrepreneur and investor who will change every other day of our career. In 2010 The Next Women interviewed  Dale Murray, now it was my time for an exclusive update.

This ...


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