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With hot explainer videos from companies like Vooza and Google circulating the Internet, all eyes are on the power of online video. Startups want to know how explainer videos can help them acquire new customers and build reputation. It seems as though everyone is covering the benefits of explainer videos, but missing the big picture: brain science. Brain science is what gives explainer videos their punch. You see, psychology has a lot to do with why video is now seen as such an effective marketing tool.

1. Increase Conversions

Today, it is more evident that video increases conversions. Just ask the team at Rypple, who increased conversions by 20 percent by adding an explainer video to their homepage. Or track down someone from Dropbox and ask about their explainer video, which increased conversions by over 10 percent. Not convinced? Maybe Inbenta’s 20 percent increase in conversions will change your ...


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