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by Chip Averwater, author of “Retail Truths”

Most of us love summer and the promise of fun in the sun that it brings with it. But any small business owner knows that summer also brings a season of distractions for employees. Between dreaming of their upcoming beach vacation, dealing with their out-of-school kids, and fighting off the jealousy that comes with serving tanned, relaxed, flip-flop-wearing customers, it can be difficult keeping your employees focused and motivated.

I certainly understand the temptation to slow down and enjoy the season, but as an experienced retailer, you shouldn’t allow higher temperatures to lower your employees’ productivity or the level of service they’re providing to customers.

Even if your employees are (understandably!) daydreaming about vacations and longing for some fun in the sun, it’s important not to lose momentum. The good news is with the right managerial skills, you’ll have ...


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