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What is t-commerce, exactly?

If you Google t-commerce (or tcommerce), you’ll get results describing touch commerce (mobile), tablet commerce, Twitter commerce (no kidding), and television commerce.

Will the real t-commerce please stand up?

I won’t argue that the other T’s aren’t valid. But on this blog, t-commerce denotes television commerce, anything to do with tablets is m-commerce (mobile commerce), and anything social is social commerce (unless it’s Facebook, which has earned it’s F).

T-commerce tastes like it sounds. It’s the use of television to facilitate transactions over the Internet. Research by PayPal in late 2011 found 49% of TV subscribers have interest in purchasing goods and services through their television or other “screen” like smartphones and tablets.

At least 11 t-commerce initiatives are taking advantage of connected TV’s transactional capabilities today:


Purchases or donations relevant to programming being viewed can be ...


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