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Intelligent keyboards for Android smartphones are hot, hot, hot. Just a day after Swype announced the newest version of its smart keyboard, competitor SwiftKey is unveiling Swiftkey 3, the “artificially intelligent keyboard” that “reads your mind to make typing faster.”

And it’s half-price too, just for today. Now that’s really reading your customers’ minds.

While Swype improves text entry speed by asking users to draw or swipe between letters on a keyboard, SwiftKey focuses on intelligent awareness and understanding of your intent. Not only will the software correct words with fairly startling accuracy, it also suggests the next word, based on words and phrases you commonly use.

So the unintelligible “thisidfabtasic” is translated to “this is fantastic,” and the somewhat narcissistic “I am a beautiful …” gets the next word suggestion “person.”

The software can be synced with your email, Twitter tweets, and Facebook status updates as well to ...


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