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That’s right. On fire.

The largest franchise in the world has been steadily increasing it’s presence in Asia, and it’s finally starting to pay off.

According to The – Malaysia,  Subway’s Asia business is now worth over $500 million with a 29% year-on-year revenue growth.


Go here for Subway® contest information.


1600 Franchise Units Up And Running

Subway® could be well on it’s way of hitting a goal they put on the table in 2011:

2,000 franchise units open by 2015. Read

That’s a lot of franchises.


Franchise Costs In Asia

How much does a Subway franchise cost in say…China?

A Subway® franchise costs $9,000 in China, with a 50 percent discount for a second outlet. Subway® corporate receives an 8 percent royalty of each store’s weekly sales, and checks every store on a monthly basis to ensure prescribed ...


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