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Image Credit: Snapchat Promo Video

After the dump of roughly 200,000 hacked Snapchat user photos last week, Snapchat issued a blog post today promising to update its security and warning users not to trust third party apps.

“We’ll continue to do our part by improving Snapchat’s security and calling on Apple and Google to take down third-party applications that access our API. You can help us out by avoiding the use of third-party applications.”

The company says they have a private API to keep events like the “Snappening” from happening, but obviously it’s not a foolproof system. Snapchat says any app that claims to offer Snapchat services, but isn’t from Snapchat itself, is in violation of its terms of service and users should avoid such apps.

It further notes that giving login credentials to third party apps is dangerous, because they can be developed by ...


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