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Small business loans for women are specifically designed to encourage the success and growth of women-owned businesses. These loans are offered by a number of institutions, from banks and credit unions to private lenders and even universities.

Find a Women’s Business Loan – Free

Prior to the 1970s, the traditionally male-dominated business world made lending business loans to women virtually unheard of. Fortunately, today, that scene has changed, and women-owned small businesses play an integral role in building the American economy.

SBA Business Loans for Women

One of the largest institutions associated with financing women-owned businesses is the Small Business Administration (SBA). Offering a variety of specialized loans, the SBA’s mission is to provide resources and financing for small businesses across America. Regarding women’s business loans, the SBA states the following on its website:

In 2009, the SBA backed nearly 10,000 loans worth about $2 billion to ...


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