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Seculert has raised a $5.35 million round of funding today led by Norwest Venture Partners for the Israeli company’s next generation advanced threat detection service.

The company’s software-as-a-service detects back doors in your network, discovering malware attacks that have previously gone undetected.

As much as the cloud is for developing cool apps, it is also a place for botnets. The botnet culture thrives upon our daily immersion into the online world. The botnets are mostly networks of personal computers overtaken by malicious software that is controlled by a master program. The master directs the slaves to act on its behalf, in the industry terminology. People will click on a link in Twitter, on the Web or in email. The malware will then attack and take control.

It could not be a better time to be in this criminal world. There are just too many endpoints out there ...


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