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7X7SF's A Boat Owned by Two Tech Geniuses is Charting a New Course in Coworking describes the Maritol, a former car and truck ferry that has been converted into a floating coworking space.

Key quote on the ship's amenities:

While the amenities arms race rages on among well-heeled and well-equipped tech offices across the city, a floating coworking space that is rusty, drafty, encrusted with birds’ nests, and laden with fish carcasses is luring some of the brightest minds in the Bay Area.

To meet the requirements of the San Francisco Port Authority the Maritol has to be seaworthy to stay docked in SF.  Because of this, the ship has been under repair for over a year and is scheduled to sail around the bay this summer. 

Coworking continues to grow rapidly, both in terms of the number of spaces and total membership. The Maritol coworking space is ...


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