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I don’t know Joe.

What I do  know is this:

Someone named “Joe” left a comment on a post I wrote concerning the Quiznos lawsuit and the huge settlement amount the parties agreed to.

(It was a class-action lawsuit)

I have no idea if Joe was a genuine  former Quiznos franchisee or not.

Fact: Joe wasn’t the only person who submitted comments under that post. Several other people added their comments; some of them claimed to be Quiznos franchisees. You’re welcome to read them and decide for yourself if you think they’re real Quiznos franchisees or not.


The Comment

The website you’re now on has been redesigned several times.

Not only has it been redesigned, I moved it from Typepad to WordPress a few years ago.

Because of that (I think) the comment I’m sharing below isn’t live on the blog post I ...


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