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If eCommerce is a game, you score by turning visitors into buyers. But, making customers buy is easily said than done. Ecommerce stores suffer as much as 67 percent cart abandonments, the average conversion rate is below 20 percent or odds, that is in case of successful stores, and 41 percent shoppers abandon cars for a variety of reasons.

All this makes eCommerce selling a task next to Mission Impossible.

At the end of the day we are trying to sell to humans, and humans are all prone to psychological hacks which can be triggered to encourage them make them buy more.

Human Psychology Hacks that Boost eCommerce Purchases

Free Stuff for Lead Generation

Free samples, free trials, buy one-get one free. The average human mind gets excited seeing these word. Even in a MIT paper written by Duke professor Dan Ariely found that majority of 398 students prefer ...


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