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Have you been to a conference before where there are more people wearing a kilt and a Darth Vader helmet while riding a unicycle playing a bagpipe that shoots flames out the back than people wearing a suit and tie?

That’s the kind of conference Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit is.

It is a little different. A little “unconventional” if you will.

So in the spirit of doing things differently, I won’t be showing off a bunch of my pictures of the amazing people and food or the four-hour long academy Fizzle led.

These are my three takeaways from WDS 2014 about trends I’m seeing and how to “conference” better.

1. Mo’ Money, No Problems?

The people you meet at WDS don’t usually run their businesses for the same reason a lot of people do. Like Corbett talked about yesterday, money isn’t the point ...


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