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PayPal announced this week that it will be expanding a part of its Shop-and-Pay-on-the-Go services to international markets. The new service will test the use of QR codes at bricks-and-mortar stores in the Netherlands, which will allow potential customers to scan QR codes posted on billboards, posters, shop windows, etc. and pay for selected items using their PayPal account.

PayPal’s QR code service was launched in a Singapore subway station back in February, and now is being brought to window-shopping in Amsterdam. PayPal says the popular shopping district, De 9 Streetjes (The Nine Streets) will allow prospective customers to use their PayPal iPhone app to scan QR codes at a variety of unique shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, and culture and art stores.

The QR code service is similar to the existing “Local” feature in its current mobile app. This service provides a list of local merchants that are using ...


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