A new company has taken up residence in the Lewis-Clark Valley and they’re ready to bring adventure to the area with snow bikes.

It seems the LC Valley is the perfect place for manufacturers to bring their creations to life. Which is why, Frozen Moto owner Dan Shanahan, brought his company and his Snow Bike invention he co-created with a man in Weippe, to the Lewiston area.

“Worked together on this system, came up with this system, we’ve perfected it over this past year and it’s worked great,” said Shanahan. “We’ve done some really cool stuff with it from racing to free-riding all last year.”

Free riding in and out of the snow allows Shanahan and his customers to ride moto-cross style bikes all year long.

“I’m a dirt-biker at heart,” said Shanahan. “We always loved to dirt bike. And snowmobiling is kind of ...


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