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By: Hillel Fuld @hilzfuld)

A few weeks ago in San Francisco, I attended one of the more eye-opening tech events I’ve ever been to. InContext was the name of the event and it was hosted by one of the more interesting startups out there, Everything.Me (if you’re an Android user, download it now. Thank me later.)

The Everything.Me Guys

The conference was about the next step in the mobile revolution, contextual computing. If you use Google Now, have seen “Her”, or wear technology of any kind on your body, you know what I am talking about. If not, and your not geeky like that, well, you need to be paying attention because, like it or not, that is where we are heading.

Our phones know more about us than ever before and they are leveraging that data to push us the content we want, when we ...


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