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Above: Mike Olson, chief strategy officer of Cloudera, speaks at a Microsoft cloud press conference in San Francisco on Oct. 20.

Image Credit: Jordan Novet/VentureBeat

SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft intends to go to market in the cloud business with pretty much everyone who’s everyone. Today executives announced support for the hip CoreOS Linux operating system and Cloudera’s distribution of the Hadoop open-source software.

The move comes following Microsoft’s show of support for the Docker container technology for easily packaging up and moving applications from one server environment to another. And the announcement also follows Microsoft’s move to partner up with Hadoop distribution provider Hortonworks.

And it sounds like those existing integrations will continue.

Microsoft has “a great partnership with Hortonworks, Microsoft Scott Guthrie told reporters during a press conference. Microsofties “continue to have a good partnership with Hortonworks.”

Both Hortonworks and Cloudera will be represented on ...


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