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David Bullock sees the same fatal mistake over and over.

One of his clients comes up with an idea, and “they think, ‘We’re going to build it, and then someone is going to snatch us up, and it’s going to be a big buyout,’” says David, a consultant who helps companies like American Express and Kawasaki grow their revenue.

That was the mistake that The Nurse Company was about to make when they first came to David. At first, they wanted to create a Facebook for nurses. “But there’s already a Facebook,” David pointed out. “So who’s going to buy that?”

And besides, the real money in their market was actually in employment. So David said, “Let’s find out if we can place nurses in hospitals, like a headhunter.”

So for the next three months, they spent $4,000 on AdWords to test the idea ...


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