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Greg Lindsay's NY Times article Engineering Serendipity is a fascinating look at how companies are trying to increase the amount of serendipity that happens at their firms.

It includes a good description of serendipity:

The term, coined by the British aristocrat Horace Walpole in a 1754 letter, long referred to a fortunate accidental discovery. Today serendipity is regarded as close kin to creativity — the mysterious means by which new ideas enter the world. 

"Accelerated serendipity" is a term you hear often in the coworking community. They believe coworking increases the generation of business ideas and productivity by bringing together diverse groups of smart people. 

We agree.

But having said that, serendipity is not easy to measure and because of this there's very little proof you can engineer or accelerate it.

Lindsay's article points out the promising areas of serendipity research, with social network analysis likely the best ...


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