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I had to smile yesterday, on a trip to Gainsborough Old Hall, Lincolnshire. This stunning building was built in 1460 and attracts visitors because of the excellent condition of the building and its royal connections.

Spending a penny?

What made me smile, was when I noticed that people had been literally throwing their money down the toilet, see image above. (If you’re reading this via email with images off, click here). What you can’t see from that image, is all the money that hit the target or the money on the floor.

Although this was clearly a bit of fun, it did make me wonder what the reasoning was:

  1. Have lots of people mistook this 15th century toilet, for a wishing well?
  2. Have lots of people seen that others had thrown money down the toilet, then simply followed the flock?

Your thoughts

Which do you think generated the ...


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