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When Paul Mockapetris invented the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS), he had no idea his creation would come to shape parts of the web for many years to come. But because he started simple and had a future-looking plan, his concept worked. He thinks startups should follow the same principles.

Mockapetris spoke today to a crowd of startup founders and employees at Montreal’s International Startup Festival, espousing three lessons he’s learned since he tinkered with and wrote the first implementation of DNS in 1983.

Lesson 1: Simplicity is key

Mockapetris said startups need to focus on simplicity and an easy-to-convey concept. In this search for simple, “complexity is your enemy,” he said.

“Don’t be clever if you don’t need to be,” Mockapetris said. “The customer needs to understand the interface, not the inner workings.”

Even as you develop a simple concept, Mockapetris noted, there will ...


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