Last weekend, I kicked off the launch of my new book, Body of Work (which ships on December 31, 2013) with a live event in Phoenix, Arizona.

I was joined by an amazing line-up of speakers, who shared deep and meaningful lessons and stories with the 75 people assembled.

I was very thoughtful in my selection of outside speakers, since I wanted to introduce the ideas of my new book with care and depth, while introducing my long-time community to new and important voices.

Boy did they deliver.

My bonus son Jeffery did the beautiful artwork behind the stage, and Ivan Martinez did the event photography. Thank you both so much!

Master of Ceremonies Ericka Hines of Social Change Diva.

I chose Ericka Hines to be our Master of Ceremonies for two reasons: she has a great blend of inspiration and whimsy, paired with strong, clear leadership. I knew that ...


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