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[Today we have a guest post from Alex Schiff, who's a co-founder and CEO of Fetchnotes, which makes simple, smart tools that help people work together and get things done. Fetchnotes graduated from Techstars Boston in November 2012, and is currently a team of 5 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. -Andrew]

Alex Schiff, CEO of Fetchnotes:

There’s a big craze in messaging right now, and everyone seems to be trying to integrate some form of it into their product. Having learned that people who shared notes were way more likely to build a habit with Fetchnotes, we definitely caught the bug in our last iteration. It also coincided with a goal to evolve our value proposition beyond just personal organization — there’s just a lot of noise in that space.

A more detailed overview of that product, featured to the left, can be found here. To summarize, we wanted to ...


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