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I’m in absolute love. From the gorgeous wood cabinet to the technical capabilities, the little Vers’ 1Q is simply perfect. The $120 price ($99 for Kickstarters) is just icing on the cake. It’s rather refreshing to see a warm, nearly alive device in our world that’s generally filled with modeled plastic and faux chrome trim.

Simply put, the 1Q is a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker. A 2-inch driver provides the audio while, packed inside the walnut or bamboo casing, a 6.5W amp powers the audio provided from either Bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack. The included battery charges via microUSB and should last 10 hours on a charge. What more can you ask for from a small speaker?

As shown by the pictures, the whole package is of a modest size. It fits in the hand, yet the creator brags that it “can easily deliver enough sound ...


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