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We all know that having a clean car is important, and if your car is an extension of you, then a clean car is a clean mind! Unfortunately without a small car vacuum, sometimes cleaning your car can seem like such a chore - keeping the crumbs off the floor of your car can seem like it’s not worth it when you have to lug out a full-size, heavy vacuum every time there’s a spill. However, there is an easier way – a way that is powerful enough for the biggest spills and those hard-to-reach-places - and I present to you the five best vacuums to keep your car clean without the workout. Small Vacuums for cars are the way to go!

1. Onshowy Portable Handheld Lightweight Dustbuster

First up is the Onshowy Portable Handheld Lightweight Dustbuster. The power cord is three meters long, which means there shouldn't be any ...


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