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Olivier BaudouxFounder & CEO of DrivAd, CIO/SVP of Encore Capital Group (Nasdaq: ECPG), Serial Entrepreneur.


Hi Olivier, good to get a chance to pick your brain. I’d like to start off with your background.

When would you say you realized that you were meant to become an entrepreneur?

I actually don’t believe you become an entrepreneur, I truly believe some people are born to be. Most people want to follow along, adhere to long-time principles, and accept (or even require) the status quo. A few people, however, question the “as-is”, analyze the “how” and spend their time thinking about better possibilities. I just happen to be part of that group!

Every time I ask myself, “There’s gotta be a better way”, I remind myself that entrepreneurs craft the future.

What inspired the decision to move from Europe to the states?

The answer is mostly answered in ...


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