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Huddle, the enterprise collaboration toolkit, is bringing a new product forward today. The new Huddle puts conversations and content in a single view, making for more thorough task management and workflow.

It’s cloud-based, as always, so you can view files and make changes from anywhere. And it’s social, so you can keep in constant communication with your colleagues to move a project forward.

Some changes you’ll see in the new Huddle are instant access to hi-definition PDF and Office documents and other files (no waiting for them to download), better in-app tools for document editing (again, without a download required), built-in tools for workflow and versioning, and new @mention and sharing tools for conversations.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Huddle:

It seems to us that Google, Asana, and a few other enterprise-targeted software companies are taking work and project/task management in roughly the ...


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