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These days, Google has no trouble generating billions in profits.

It handles 100 billion searches a month, giving it a 69% share of the incredibly profitable search engine market. But how did they achieve such success?

Not by making a huge bet, says Peter Sims, author of Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries.

If Google had tried to make a huge bet, they would never have hit jackpot.

“It was a series of [small] experiments that really helped Google to invent a totally amazing business model, which kind of depended on a few key insights,” says Peter.

In his Mixergy course, Peter shows you how to use little bets in your own business. Here are three strategies you’ll learn in the course.

1. Learn Fast

You have a prototype, but it ain’t pretty.

“The fear that everyone has is that, oh my God, we put ...


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