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This is a guest post by Jenn Steele.  Jen is the Head of Growth at RecruitLoop, an online recruitment marketplace based in San Francisco and Australia. Previously of Amazon and HubSpot, Jenn is passionate about growing humans and companies, working out, and wine. Follow her @jennsteele.

I fired the first person I ever hired.

I didn’t expect to have to do that. I expected that I’d be building my team with this person at my side. I expected this person to add value from the get-go. I expected that this would be a long-term professional relationship.

Reality, however, was different.

The reality was that I hired someone who didn’t have the aptitude, the technical skills, or the attitude that I needed. He wasn’t a culture fit, either. He didn’t fit in our fast-paced environment at all, and started growling at people in the morning rather ...


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