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If you have to choose between natural talent that doesn’t work very hard or someone who works hard, choose the hard worker.

Salespeople with mediocre skills and natural abilities and an unmatched capacity for hard work will always do better than a naturally talented lazy salesperson.

A salesperson with natural grace and charm and high rapport makes selling look like magic. When they have the pedigree, and when they have the vocabulary, they look like an unstoppable force. They look good, sound smart, and they know how to sell.

They can open, close, diagnose, negotiate, and differentiate themselves and their company. They have deep business chops, and they’ve been through enough change initiatives to know what it takes to make real change. This make them the perfect person to hire, unless they are lazy.

A lazy talented person will never outproduce a hard working, less-talented salesperson.

The less ...


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