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Recovery: The Conflict Resolution System
by Dr. Tony Alessandra

No matter how good the relationship is, people are going to run into problems.  Consequently there should be a system in place to make it easy for customers to tell you when they have a problem as early as possible.  The earlier you find out about a Moment of Misery (when you fall short of the customer’s expectations), the easier, faster, and less expensive it is to solve.  Once you are aware of the problem, you should have techniques, systems, and procedures in place to resolve it. 

Your communication skills definitely come into play as you resolve the problem through an effective conflict resolution system. Resolving problems and conflict, believe it or not, is not as difficult as you may think.  Gregg Baron of Success Sciences and Robert Coates of CaDoCommunications, both of Tampa, FL., suggest several steps:

1.      Handle ...


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