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We really like interesting data visualizations here at Small Business Labs. And the folks at the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank have created a couple of great charts on part-time U.S. employment. 

The Atlanta Fed chart below (click to enlarge) shows the percentage of people working part-time for economic and non-economic reasons.  

People reporting they are working part-time for economic reasons (PTER) would prefer to work full-time but are working part-time because of slack work or business conditions, or because they could find only part-time work. 

People reporting they work part-time for non-economic reasons (PTNER) are choosing part-time work. 

This type of chart is called a "lollipop" chart because each of the data points looks kinda like a lollipop. The "lolly" end of the lollipop denotes the average mix part-time due to economic reasons versus part-time due to non-economic reasons by industry in 2013.  The size of the "lolly" represents ...


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